Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux Unveils Three Exciting New Wing Flavors

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, the beloved national restaurant and sports bar chain, has once again delighted its patrons by expanding its culinary offerings. Following the successful debut of traditional bone-in wings last September, Walk-On’s is now introducing three new irresistible flavors: Stingin’ Honey, Mojito Lime, and GochuBANG. This latest addition aims to elevate the dining experience for its loyal customers, just in time for the excitement of March Madness.

In a bid to entice taste buds and enhance the thrill of game day gatherings, Walk-On’s has launched the Full Court Wing Sampler, allowing fans to indulge in all three flavors in one convenient platter, perfect for sharing among friends and family.

CEO of Walk-On’s, Chris Dawson, expressed enthusiasm about the new additions, stating, “Our latest culinary creations – the Stingin’ Honey, Mojito Lime, and GochuBANG wing flavors – showcase our commitment to delivering bold and exciting flavors that not only elevate the game day dining experience but any occasion. We believe in providing our guests with more than just a meal, and these new wing flavors are sure to leave a lasting impression.”

Crafted by Walk-On’s culinary team, each flavor promises a unique sensation to tantalize the taste buds. The Stingin’ Honey blends honey sweetness with a hint of heat, providing a delightful explosion of flavor. Mojito Lime offers a refreshing twist with zesty lime and a burst of mint, delivering a truly refreshing experience. Finally, the GochuBANG flavor combines Korean-inspired gochujang with bold spices, igniting the palate with its fiery kick.

Walk-On’s patrons can now look forward to enjoying these innovative wing flavors, enhancing their dining experience with each delicious bite.

Image courtesy of Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux

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